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Re: Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido - Videos?

Garth Jones wrote: View Post
Hi Dalen,

Well, there are a bunch of clips of Tohei Sensei on YouTube. Also, Aikido Journal sells a DVD called Aikido Classics 1: Postwar Greats that features Tohei Sensei teaching. I haven't seen this video, but it was filmed in 1962 when he was in his prime.


PS Aikido Journal sells a whole range of videos and books. You might find more of interest there....
Ill have to check out the Postwar Greats.

When I was at Aikido Journal I saw that they had tons of series from the likes of Saito Sensei, etc. - so it was then, I believe, I started to look for Tohei Senseis material and was surprised to find that the 10th Dan of Aikido didnt seem to have anything specifically dedicated to him, per say.

Ill have to check those youtube clips, I seem to recall that there may have been some clips in his older years. Wonder how involved he is...seems I read he is retired, yet still teaches.

I would try to capture as much of him on video that i could while he is still around if I were his student...but perhaps thats not his cup of tea - which I respect.

Anyway, thanks for the reply Garth.



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