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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Sounds good to me, but at a basic level, it sounds like you are talking about a specialized usage of a more general tool. I feel like you could do the same thing in a less global way (would you want too? I am not an experienced enough martial artist to address that). In other words, if you were a master of control of "that which creates fascial tension," then you could use that device to create lines of tension.. let's call them piano wires.. between any points on your body that contain this device. Know what I mean? Same equipment, but a local rather than global strategy of usage.
Well, I'm not sure---honestly---if it even works that way. So the question of "why do it globally when you could do it locally" might be moot.

But I will say this---if you want to move around with a full range of movement, you have to be change the structure around, or in other words, switch from one line to another. Keeping a global system/structure working at all times would allow you to switch between lines without any effort to "start up" or "shut down" individual lines.

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