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Re: Underqualified Sensei

I remember telling a story about rolling until I nearly threw up. I didn't throw up, but I certainly pushed the limits of my skills. After telling the story, one or the listeners asked me why I didn't stop rolling when it got hard, "because sensei didn't say stop," was my reply. The listener did not understand the response. As students, we must trust sensei to lead us and make us better. My instructor was very good at leading us to point just past comfort but short of injury.

Ledyard sensei brought up several great points. In general, I believe most relationships in a dojo are consumer relationships, "I pay for aikido." Very rarely do students actually listen to everything sensei says. So in that sense, "qualified" is a relative term. Good instructors share aikido with students well. The rank only qualifies the right to instruct, not the quality of instruction. The consumer relationship puts many students into a performance/value/opportunity cost evaluation mentality, not a learning mentality

Not everyone is prepared or willing to listen to a teacher. Why complain about the credentials of sensei when you are not going to listen to sensei anyway?

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