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Re: Underqualified Sensei

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Anyone can rent a building and start their own dojo, regardless of their experience and knowledge of aikido. They can exaggerate on their qualifications to teach and a person new to aikido can be easily mislead. I feel sorry for the gullible students of these type teachers. I also feel frustrated that they are representing aikido so poorly. Some people go to see aikido for the first time and will leave thinking that aikido is BS.

Sometimes a student moves to an area where there isn't a dojo and must start their own in order to keep training. In these situations, I think that it is okay to teach as long as the sensei and the students continue to learn from a parent dojo. I think that the sensei owes it to themselves and their students to continue to learn.

What are your thoughts?
sad but true i really feel sorry for their students. someone here opened a dojo and he cant even pass a brown belt test in my opinion. its ok if he teaches or shares it with his friends, but putting up a dojo and teaching in schools is just absurd. he wont even uke when we invite him to practice w/ us. he would usually just watch us practice and maybe learn from that. i just wish he'd practice the art diligently in order to hone his aikido skills and teach the art effectively. he owes it to his students who pays to learn aikido.
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