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Allen Beebe
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 11

Yo Big G,

I think you'd better back off now, if you know what's best. It's THAT very kind of clap trap that disempowers the right thinking citizens of this world from recognizing the singularity of my eminence in discerning for them WHAT Aikido is and HOW to do it.

Regretfully you are right about the "fuss" continuing as long as individuals, with obviously no knowledge of the TRUTH concerning Aikido, continue to publicly justify their, and other's, ignorance while simultaneously glorifying that very delusion as the "strength" of the Aikido they wish to imbibe.

My followers and I know far too well how it feels to be persecuted and ostracized simply because we refuse to bow down before the fallacious image popularly presented and worshiped as Aikido today. However, this is a burden we bear with pride! No celebrity mass Aikido evangelist or High Mucky Muck representative of the Aikido elite is going to brow beat us into conforming to the lowest common denominator. We only acknowledge and conform to the TRUTH.*

So save your "kokyu" for some gullible "flavor of the day" wannabe, because the those "in the know" ain't hear'n it. Besides . . . you're chaffing my mellow.

All that aside . . . I do love you and recognize that, your very act of wishing to divide us through our "individual interpretations" of the one truth, is a sign that deep down inside you recognize that we truly are one in the Universal. And I pray that one day we will join together and Aiki on the High Plain of Heaven.

Until then . . .


*As defined by me.

~ Allen Beebe
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