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Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido - Videos?

I did a search, and found an old archive here at aikiweb that mentioned there were training videos of Tohei Sensei available.

The caveats were that they were a grand or more, and you needed a Ki-Aikido instructors signature to purchase, and they were in Japanese only.

Now my question is this.
Has any of this info changed? And is this info even correct?
I couldnt find info on the main ki-aikido site - even in the japanese language media section. - cant read japanese, but can tell what videos are, etc.

The other question is, would the material really cover in footwork, etc?

I ask this because of the nature of ki aikido as I currently understand it and its apparent focus on flow.
(Which, truly cannot be overlooked, and to some extent would seem to be one notch above timing and flow of energy make up most of the move - especially against larger opponents.)

So if anyone knows of any teaching material from Sensei Tohei that is available on dvds, that would be this point it doesnt appear there is anything - which to be honest, with all the material floating out in Aikido land, you would have thought he would have a huge video collection.

Why doesnt he? Any reason...or is it mainly due to the lack of focus on technique? Again, I did notice on a page linked from the main Ki aikido homepage that the focus was on things such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, etc. - all things to help your awareness of 'ki' if I can put it that way.

Thanks in advanced for your time!



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