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Re: Formal Dan Test vs. Dan Promotion without Testing

Anonymous User wrote:
Carsten, I do believe him being only Sandan has a lot to do with the fact that he sort of belongs to two organizations.
Ok things seem to be more complicatedt in your organization. Being in two organisations isn't a problem of grading someone over here.

but its up to your organization head to decide whether he tests, or should be awarded the rank. you would think 40 years of loyalty and hard practice would mean something...
That's another difference: In the aikikai the shodan to yondan are simply technical test. Normally nothing about Loyalty or qualities like that.
So everybody who can can walk the path to yondan. There are no obstacles. Godan is the first grad which you can't get be doing it yourself.
I'm sorry, that's why I thought about some reason for not being yondan after 40 years.

Anonymous User2 wrote:
. but some organizations are notorious for de-emphasizing rank, and then are haphazard when it comes to testing for or awarding it.
In my experience ranks become much more complicated in dojo or organisations which don't grade their students or de-emphasize ranking.
And ranks get more importance than they have in organizations which grade their students on a regular base.

But I hope I somehow misunderstood and he wouldn't have to go through a formal test.
If he's doing Aikido for 40 Years now, that's approximately the time our shihan do Aikido.
So: Who is going to test him?

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