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Bruce Baker
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Hit the Nail on the head

Yes, I would say that Mr. Ledyard hit the nail on the head with this article, it was so close to home, I wish I had written it!

The only time you should use resistence is when you are exploring why Aikido techniques work in reference to offensive maneovers.

When you try to resist, punch, kick, or show resistence, it should be for clarity to the movements of your techniques and how they are fluid enough to have a transitional flow without offering openings for offense.

When you train with this clarity, then your ukemi will improve along with all of the qualities you seek in Aikido training.

Sometimes, resistence is a good thing, when finding understanding, but only when both participants are not trying to show each other up, or either participant does not have a superiority complex.

I know that playing a role, to show cause for something that may seem silly when no one is trying to use a counteroffense, is sometimes a role that brings clarity or a reason for some of the classical movements of Aikido, so ... don't forget that a little resistence, and I mean just enough, to let your partner get a feel for a technique!

It will definitely bring some new meanings if you don't give any resistence, and it just might clarify transitional flow when uke finds openings in your technique.
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