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Re: Aikikai Kagami Biraki Promotions?

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Hi Peter,
Is there a reason there is not a more public presentation of these names via the internet? It would seem to be logical given the international level of participation these days.
- George

I think there are two issues here: a practical issue and an issue of principle.

With respect to the practical issue, you can see the problem very easily if you pay a visit to the Hombu Dojo and (are allowed to) go upstairs to the offices. Doshu's room is at the far end of the corridor, but there are small offices that look out on to the road in front of the building. The impression I have is that people are really stretched. Of the people who run the International Department, one is in hospital suffering the effects of a stroke, another is in his 70s and has virtually retired, a third visits the Hombu only once or twice each week, and the fourth is also an instructor with a regular training and teaching schedule. So I would think that the job of translating all the names into English and posting them on the English-language website is way, way down the list.

However, I think there is another issue, that of principle. Given the fact that in the Aikikai information is always given (or withheld) on a need-to-know basis, and that there is an inbuilt tendency to conservatism and inertia, the need to know has to be argued for and there is no one in the Hombu to do this. In addition, since the names of new yudansha regularly appear in the Aikido Shimbun, which is like an official aikido gazette, it is probably thought of too little importance to put it on the website in addition--the English-language website especially.

However, that said, I have to state that the amount of information given on both websites (it is different in English and Japanese) has dramatically improved over the years. So it might be possible to make a case that dan promotions should be posted on the website as well as in the Aikido Shimbun. However, I think it will take some doing.

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