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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Thanks Erick for catching that. I should have re-read before posting! So at least Schleip seems to agree that in terms of real-time control of movement, inherent fascial tissue contraction is barking up the wrong tree. This is in line with Timothy's model, and my model that I was favoring when I happened upon that previous post in this thread.

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So here's the first possibility---in that moment when you shift your "intent", you might be shifting around various internal structures, such that the main, err... "avenue" of force is changed.
I think that everything you've said jives with my interpretation too. My only deal is that the original source of the fascial tension is the big area of interest to me. That's where there is divergence between my thinking and what you've said (and like you said there is so much more to say though).
But for the usage you describe, my current thinking is exactly in line with that:
If in fact you choose to establish global fascial tension, and your bones are not arranged problematically, then I would agree that you would successfully form a tensegrity structure. Then, you could tug on the tensile portion of the structure (fascia) and you would "steer" forces at will. You are suggesting that abdominal musculature (conceivably attached to fascia) would be used for this tugging (slight modification of tensions), correct?
Sounds good to me, but at a basic level, it sounds like you are talking about a specialized usage of a more general tool. I feel like you could do the same thing in a less global way (would you want too? I am not an experienced enough martial artist to address that). In other words, if you were a master of control of "that which creates fascial tension," then you could use that device to create lines of tension.. let's call them piano wires.. between any points on your body that contain this device. Know what I mean? Same equipment, but a local rather than global strategy of usage.
This is why the source of tension is of interest to me-- I think it is a piece of physiological equipment that could be used in many creative ways. Anyway I am talking theoretically about something I can't even do yet, so maybe there is no value to my musings!

Timothy Walters Kleinert wrote: View Post
And don't think this really explains "how" you do any of this stuff on a practical level.
True, but that certainly wasn't my intent. Personally I am interested in the status of western research regarding these things.
--Jonathan Wong
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