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Re: Don't Create What You Don't Want

Great article, Lynn. What a gift for writing you have!

One of my teachers once made the observation/instruction that "the universe does not hear, 'no'. The universe is absolutely literal."

I take this a bit like:If you don't want something, don't mention it. If you are interested in getting something, mention it positively.
For example: A statement like , 'I wish my husband didn't smoke'. would be better phrased as,' I wish for my husband to live an active and healthy lifestyle so we can enjoy our days together in good body,heart and mind." I really liked that!

I was also once impressed by a kinistetic 'trick' that involves tying a string through the hole of a washer (or nut) and holding it between your second finger and your thumb on one hand. While holding your body absolutely still (as much as you can) begin to think of direction;counterclockwise,clockwise,forward,back. As you meditate on that direction in your minds eye the washer will move in that direction. When you shift to another directional thought the washer will adjust and assume that direction. Fun Stuff! Once, when I thought I was thinking one way it turns out I was actually strongly considering another direction at the same time. The washer went the way of the latter. That was cool to notice.

Thanks again!

Jennifer Paige Smith
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