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Re: Top 10 Reasons Why You Joined Aikido

1. To meet hot sweaty women dressed in the same thing like the guys wear.

2. To say that I don't need to wear no stinking Kilts !

3. To have an excuse to get out of my parents basement for a couple of hours.

4. To impress women by saying, "I do Aikido, how 'bout you?." They then say isn't that a type of dog?

5. Watching one of Segal's first movies and say you can do all that! Then proving you can as on her.

6. To have a social life where the people you hang out with use you in this kind of love submission thing.

7. Getting much needed human contact despite the Sadomasochism, an excuse to get a message.

8. To spend hours onYouTube

9. To spend hours in chat rooms and forums

10. To impress all the kids on the block under the age of 12.

11. To intimidate the Darth Vaders and Klingons at the StarWars and Trek conventions.

12. Sheek cult worship -that is more trendy then those D&D/Renaissance faire people.

11. Great ice breakers:
A. at AAA meetings.

B. At the local CVS pharmacy where your ex-girl is flaunting her new new boy friend in
your face.

C. At the dentist who is pressing on that cavity you have on tooth #8 with that metal
sharp thing in his hand.

12. Getting a postrate exam and threating the doctor one wrong move and you could throw him from there.

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