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Jason Tonks
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Hello Peter. My name is Jason and I train in at an Aikido dojo in Bracknell. I'm glad you are enjoying your training. Stick in and it will all piece together. On the subject of training outside the dojo is concerned I feel the best way to go about this is to consistently practice movement and posture. This entails practice of Tai Sabaki, Irimi and Tenkan movement and standing in Gigotai (Horse Stance) posture and changing posture from left to right. There are other things you can do especially, if you weapon train, such as Jo Kata and Suburi practice. Unfortunately training on your own is never the same as Dojo training but these are a few things that I feel are of personal benefit. The important thing Peter is to train in the correct spirit, always envisage an opponent and try to make the movements come alive and not just run through the motions. Regarding Budo and Bushido, Budo is an expression that encompasses all the martial arts and the path of the martial artist. Bushido is the ancient code of conduct relating to the Samurai and his way of living. Hope this has been of some help Peter. Good luck and stay with it
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