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Re: Teaching in the times of lawsuit.

I agree with Stefan, that parents can make the class more difficult. I have found that if you set ground rules early on you can avoid those situations.

For the interferring parent that wants to help, I simply explain to the parent that if they would like to remove their shoes they can train with their child. (I have a few that do this.) But should they decide to do this I let them know up front that there is only one instructor and they are not it.

I haven't encounted the showing off so much. But I find a good swat on the back of the head grounds a child, or an adult, quickly..

Oh yes, the medic parent. A child gets hurt and they run onto the mat. lol Well, there is a time for that but as a rule I agree the child is generally in need of nothing more than a cursory glance and a "Ok, get back to practice." statement.

Generally speaking of course.

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