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Smile Hello, Konnichiwa, Guten Tag, Bonjour...

Hello one and all, thought i'd introduce myself
my name is peter i'm from warrington, england
inbetween manchester and liverpool just on the river mersey i took up aikido three weeks ago and i love it already the only thing i cant do for very long is sit in Seiza
I enjoy it lots and find it very natural, i like the movements they seem very erm..fluidic? i dont know if you'd describe it like that but thats what i see it as its calming but invigorating at the same time
a good friend introduced me to it and i've gotta say i'm hooked i have my Gi and i'm ready for this weeks class

i do have one question if anybody has any suggestions on training outside of class? obviously there not being any Kata's except for with weapons i dont know what to do with myself, i practice sitting in Seiza and do my stretches but i want to do more and idea's?

also does anybody know the difference between Budo (way of the warrior) and Bushido?
i know the meaning for budo but the shi is throwing me i know is has something to do with the 7 ways?
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