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Re: Should aikido evolve?

It has evolved.

O Sensei taught and his students took it where they felt it should go:

1) Shodokan {Tomiki} Aikido
Emphasis: Randori/Sports

2) Yoseikan Aikido
Emphasis: Mixed Martial Arts
note: he, (Mochizuki) was a high ranking black belt in karate, judo, kendo, etc.

3) Yoshinkan Aikido
Emphasis: On correct Kamae (body position)

4) Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido (Ki)
Emphasis: Ki (but read Toheis interviews, its not mystical)

5) Iwama Style Aikido (tied to Aikikai)
Emphasis: Weapons

6) Aikikai
Emphasis: giving a unified face to Aikido.
note: now only if they could unite the above.
(Going beyond letting the shihans that stayed, the freedom to do what they want.)

Take those, master each of the emphasis from each category, then you can evolve it to the next level.
The next level of evolution in Aikido is an inner journey.



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