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Re: Underqualified Sensei

Daren Sims wrote: View Post
I know Tony Day - met him about 10 years ago at our summer school.

Believe his background is Yoshinkan.

Not my favourite ever website but I'd say Tony does not merit being on an "underqualified sensei" list.

Not a Southampton / Pompey thing going on is there?


Not at all - the Students' Union here in Southampton is (very charitably, I must say) trying to develop links with Portsmouth Uni, and so our sectretary is organising a visit. I had no idea of any dojos in Portsmouth apart from the Kenshinkai ones, so was doing a little info gathering. It seems the club at the Uni is run by Ken Burke, the son of Dennis Burke from the Yuishinkai.

This is my pet peeve, though (as you know, Daren!) - as I said, in the martial arts who your teachers are seems to me a pretty obvious piece of information, and when it is missing one does start to wonder why...

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