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a little devil's advocate

Michael Gelum wrote: View Post
What defines "Underqualified" ?

I am of the opinion that a majority of aikidoka would get their ass handed to them quickly due to their "personal training objectives".
By whome though? Who cares if people are less concerned with fight training than, say, meditation? long as they're aware of the difference, of course.

Peace, love and yada-yada....will get you into the jackpot quick.
It's a sad fact that idealism often gets in the way of practicality, but I think it's equally sad that it works the other way too.
No competition, no winner or loser in Aikido...bullshit, are you not competing for your life when you walk out the dojo doors?
No. Not yet, at any rate. And cerainly not in any way that a martial art has been needed. It might be a semantic quible, but I think the non-competitive concept has plenty of validity to it. I don't need a competitive mindset to deal with fact I've spent my short life trying to prove this and it's worked pretty well for me so far.

"Good God y'all, War...What is it good for... absolutely nothing...", especially if you finish in second place.
Are you saying people shouldn't teach (or study) a martial art unless they work on physical ability first and foremost?

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