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Straight Face re : testing

I'm not on a testing board. I don't know what else is being measured besides technical profficiency and perhaps time in training. These are the stated requirements for the test.

For me personally, testing is a milestone, an event and a marker in my on own path. However it also would seem to indicate some level of commonality with other people.

Down at the kyu level I feel that the testers are performing an analysis against their own experience of other tests and perfomances seen and evaluated.

This is not rule based processing, it's (if you can bear with a half cooked analogy) neural network processing. I mean the evaluation is done by people who have a soft , yet extensive understanding of what is tested.

Besides the grid of techniques there's a feel involved. How do you separate this from the executed technique?

All people are different. This is part of the evaluation.

In any case what's underlying the question? People upset at 'undeserved promotion'? People upset at 'inmoral shihans'?

Testing is a stressful event; it's a challenge for the testee , a chance for teacher evaluation by the tester. I'd rather test and fail than not test.
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