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Re: Underqualified Sensei

What defines "Underqualified" ?

I am of the opinion that a majority of aikidoka would get their ass handed to them quickly due to their "personal training objectives".
I am of the opinion that most students seek out the sensei that conform to their view of Aikido, and those that have a higher, more clear understanding of their skill goals seek out the senseis that provide their training needs.

Sadly, there are plenty here...just peruse the threads.

Peace, love and yada-yada....will get you into the jackpot quick.

Pinning, huh? No pain compliance, no breaks, no dislocations...Spock, set your phaser on stun!

No competition, no winner or loser in Aikido...bullshit, are you not competing for your life when you walk out the dojo doors?

"Good God y'all, War...What is it good for... absolutely nothing...", especially if you finish in second place.

Just some thoughts...

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