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Re: The Challenge of Not Competing

To compete or not compete, This is the question?
I somehow get the feeling that 'Hu' man is hard wired to compete and would find it very hard not to ....
In some its stronger than in others and the instinct to survive and make the best for one's allotted time is going to happen naturally....
Nothing lasts for ever!! And if science has it right nor will this solar system!!
Religion, medicine, technology, compassion is what allows the not so strong to survive and make their way in the world. In other species that doesn't happen, so only the strongest and fittest do survive........
As the OP implies, the older and less firmer are now increasing as those coming into the world are beginning to decrease...... there is some evidence that sperm count is decreasing in young men now?
So maybe Darwin is essentially right and if we become too self important or complacent and allow defective DNA/Genes to continue maybe our species will die out to replaced by another?
Natural selection hhhmmm?
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