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Re: Taoistic Aikido

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
Although the lines above should be read as sort of a creation story, they obviously fit aikido quite well. Uniting in the life spirit - that's pretty much what we do. Also the pair of yin and yang can be compared to that of tori and uke, needing to find balance together, and being quite incomplete without one another.
Indeed, a good verse to contemplate in one's aikido.
Hi Stefan

Rather than just being a good fit perhaps it could be argued that the Tao is the significant part of the name/description of our art -AiKiDo...for many the simplistic adaptation of 'the way' may suit...but I would wonder why O'Sensei in 1942 would suddenly want to call his art simply 'the way of ai & ki'.

It doesn't really seem a significant change at all.

However, to suggest that he took the existing techniques of Daito Ryu Aiki-jujitsu and linked them to a form of martial training following the laws of the Tao.....that would perhaps be a much greater leap and would definitely merit a change in name and approach to training.

I wasn't there so only suggest what I've read and heard in training with Pierre Chassange of France whom I hold in highest regard, nevertheless it may be of interest.


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