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Re: Bokken and Jo questions

Its always good to see one of your old threads re-surface. Its been three years since my preliminary post and how things have changed. Many many classes, national schools and other training sessions later, and having recently graded shodan, it was interesting reading going back over the thread.

At least one major change I've found in my technique is carefully looking for the intention behind the posture, block or strike, not looking at the individual parts quite so analytically.

I suppose the other thing that has changed in that time has been the perspective of speed, power and being centred. I've continually found that as the jo is an entirely dynamic weapon, in so much as you can infinitely adjust the length, direction, speed and so on. It makes the need to critically assess each movement much less important.

In many ways I see the jo as being a true reflection of Aikido, so many possibilities and so much variety I believe it will take a lifetime to truly appreciate the subtleties.
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