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Re: Bokken and Jo questions

Hi Tara

For me personally I would check my body structure so that the jo could not hit me.
For example a comfortable 70/30 natural posture. In this posture you will feel your centre dropping forward onto the forward rocked Tanden. Sit your weight on this point into the floor.
"Wakishimete" close the armpits, bringing the elbows to the hips.
From here rotate the hips to move the hands, guiding the jo with the hands. You won't need to use the shoulders at this point (Use of the shoulders will give less controlled movement of the jo's centre). Body Structure will control the jo.
The elbows will pretty much always point at the ground.
Throw out from the elbows by rotating the hips.
From here as you know probably know, repetition.
All the best.

With thanks John.
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