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Re: Underqualified Sensei

I agree that this is a big concern for all martial arts and I am not sure if it is more or less common in Aikido. I personally have not run across it but then again I live in Topeka, KS which is not exactly the most popular place for Aikido.

I can also sympathize with your second statement about starting a dojo to continue training. My instructor recently moved out of state and asked me to take over his dojo (I accepted his offer because I wanted to continue training). So I am teaching a lot earlier (only a shodan) in my life then I would have liked but my instructor is still my aikido "parent" and comes back on occasion to conduct seminars and conduct the testing of my students. I think it is ok if you have to start a dojo, or take responsibility for one, to continue training but I think you need to remain humble, know your limits, and be honest about your qualifications.
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