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Re: Zazen necessary for training

Michele Galante wrote: View Post
Hi, am new to the Forums, and wanted to say emphatically that Aikido in it's outer form is marital, in it's essence is transcendental. How can one expect to achieve the oneness that O Sensei seemed to have by just practicing dynamic technique? It is hard enough to sense this when sitting quietly. Sit Zazen ideally before class to achieve what our master had to offer!

All the Best,
Mike Galante
I for one am not of a spiritual nature, I do not believe in spirits, religion etc and have a rational outlook towards martial arts, aikido included.... this has not affected or improved my ability in achieving effective waza....
However I do find that sitting quietly and using my own method of deep breathing helps one to "centre" and clear ones mind.... which can be done anywhere at anytime.... just for health reasons alone is fine

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