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Re: Who Sez O'Sensei Was Wise!

When it comes to wisdom I think Socrates described it best. This is the only human wisdom I believe in to date. We can understand the nature of things, but always only in part.
As for religious beliefs and spiritual wisdom, I've yet to find a religion that was concise and easy to understand. I've been told by many people in many religions that the message was simple, but when I thought about it myself, I always found more than one way to interpret the message. I think the best we can do is try to evaluate the world around us as honestly and intently as possible and then follow our hearts.
I think anyone who lives an active life of intense personal study will find some degree of wisdom. I think O Sensei held some wisdom of his own which was profound and while his language might be obscure and difficult to understand, it's not entirely beyond comprehension.

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