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Re: Romantic Feelings for a Girl at the Dojo

Truth be told the "intimate" tension between us is driving me insane.
The way she "accidentally" brushes my arms ever so lightly with her hands while doing ryote-mochi , or how she slides her thumb across the palm of my hand after applying a lock.

On one occasion she turned to talk to me as I was about to slide forward and force her to the ground in a shomen-uchi shomen irimi-nage ni technique, (she was giving me advice on how to improve the technique.) Our eyes were locked on each other with our faces scant inches apart. I was holding her on a slight reverse angle with one hand in the small of her back to provide support, similar to a dip from a dance move. I was overcome by a strong desire to kiss her, but didn't out of respect for the dojo.

I am trying to use restraint and behave myself, but she isn't making it easy. Damn emotions!
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