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Re: Who Sez O'Sensei Was Wise!

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
As human I think we search for answers from others, for some gawd awful reason. Maybe it is because we are a social creature, and have some need to follow one person. We see it so strongly in society, religion and politics. Why we need leaders in so many parts of our lives is a huge question for me. I am not saying Aikido is like that cult there are differences, really important differences, that I didn't talk about. But what I am saying is that for some reason we have to look to other human's -who are human like us- for things that are really beyond what humans can do, or be, especially with spirituality.
I think this is because it's easier. Perhaps some of us are more naturally docile and others are more naturally assertive (thus more prone toward the Follower or Leader role), but I think looking for answers from people ties into the fact that it's easier to copy than to innovate. I also agree it has to do with being highly social animals. My experiences growing up were that most people spend a very large amount of time trying to fit in and I think this has a lot do with why some folks accept things blindly from the leaders of whatever group they join.

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