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Re: When entering a room.

Nice post Dalyn, and welcome (relatively speaking) to aikiweb!

I suppose one thing that I've never noticed is how often people may or may not look me in the eye when they enter a room. Depending on the locale, coffee shop versus a bar on the corner, my inclination to greet strangers with at least a nod after mutual (and commensurate) eye contact will vary.

In either situation though, coffee house or beer house, my habit is to look at people's faces. One thing I've never kept track of is whether and how often people make eye contact with me when they are entering. Perhaps because I am already focussed on the activity I am there for?

If you try the search function, with these terms below you will likely find some enjoyable threads:
awareness, zanshin, surroundings, environment, oh, and "eye contact" (in quotes since it is two words)



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