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Ki Symbol When entering a room.

Hello to all,
I woul like to take a moment to express some thoughts on entering a room. I have observed many a people walk into a room and the first thing they see is nothing at all. I can't tell you all how dangerous that could be. You see I am a police officer, and the first thing that obviously comes to my mind is safety. This one rule that most seem to let fall by the waistside often renders someone a victim, when it could have been avoided just by making eye contact. A quick note of advice, always make eye contact with the first person you see as you walk though a doorway. Yes, of course be courteous enough to smile and or greed with humility but respectfully. This is just that simple, always make eye contact with everyone you see, smile and say hello. This accomplishes many things, but if nothing else it sends a message to the would-be attacker/fighter/criminal, "hey I am someone who is confident enough to stare you in the eye and show no fear. After all what do we have to fear but fear it self. In other words we have nothing to fear but our own mind. Control your mind and you can control the universe. Any thoughts on this matter are welcomed, Thank You.
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