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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

To elaborate on my previous post, I remember a day when Sensei tried to correct a student, and he kept insisting that what he had done was right. When Sensei tried patiently to explain, he just cut him off and kept pleading that his technique was right, while a child could tell that it was not. So Sensei was forced to ask him to leave the mat.
He was back the next day. I was late that day, and I found him sitting alone next to the mat, looking like a lost puppy, while everybody walked past him like he did not exist. The only people willing to talk to him were the children who had been training in the far end of the room during the incident and a teenage boy who was absent that day, and had not yet learned about it. I decided to imitate the other adults, and, after the class, I learned that the guy had come to Sensei saying that he'd done nothing wrong and that he just wanted to go back to class. So he was just left sitting by himself. The next class, he did the same, and after that, we never saw him again.
What simply happened was that everybody sided with Sensei, without us needing to get together and decide to do so. This is why I do not understand that your "students" can tolerate such a behavior in their school. Did they or not ask you to teach?
Anyway, there is no way this can go on like that. Quietly tell the disruptive student to leave the class. And if the others cannot side with you, then you have no business teaching in such a place.
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