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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 10

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Thanks to Prof. Goldsbury for the letter text and Josh for the idiomatic translation. But a question arises.

But the question is as to the letter -- for those who are more conversant in the idiomatic tongue -- what is in there to show that it is not simply a tatemae of avoidance of a former, and now disfavored, association? It seems (and if I take you wrongly, please correct me, Professor), that this is taken as evidence of continued interest and association with the problematic sort of nationalists. The letter itself seems more in keeping (to me) of Ueshiba's earlier and similar avoidance behavior in dealing with his separation from Takeda Sokaku.
Well, I passed the letter by my Japanese native-speaker 'guinea-pig' earlier this evening and he did not think that there was any tatemae of avoidance in the wording of the letter. The wording was quite consistent with an apology from one acquaintance to another about a projected meeting. This is consistent with the view that Ueshiba continued his friendship with Okawa in spite of his own change of attitude in 1940-1942 and in spite of what befell the latter at the end of the war. Ueshiba was also a friend of Konoe Fumimaro and probably would have continued this friendship had Fumimaro not commited suicide.

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