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Re: Home Exercises

Srdjan Savic wrote: View Post
Hi can you give me advice for home exercises?
What you usually practicing at home during the day?
I need advice for some practicing, for strength,speed,endurance,etc....
Also I want to give all compliments to Mr.Stephan Stunden.
First, I suggest asking your instructor what will fit best with your training approach. Failing that or in addition, I would recommend these, which cannot hurt:

Mind you I don't care for the video presentations precisely as they are demonstrated as they are a bit "stiff' and not as plainly core-driven as from the hips they could be -- but they give the general idea. Best advice -- strive for smooth alteration between feeling loose and feeling coiled.

I would modify the tekubi furi slightly to include shaking over the head as well as at the waist-level and throwing the arms down forcefully and loosely in between.

For me I added to that regimen the twenty jo suburi, 31 jo kata, and the basic sword suburi.

These took me through two naval deployments aboard ship, plus "shadowboxing" both sides of various techniques.

The deck-apes made fun of me --- until I started swinging the staff ...



Erick Mead
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