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Stefan Hultberg
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Re: Teaching in the times of lawsuit.

Hi everybody

Personally I'm not so sure that parents being there during the class is such a good idea. I find that the children get distracted by their parents, always seeking eye contact with the parents to check if they are doing things right - and parents trying to give hints to the kids - "no no no, it's supposed to be the right hand". In short - the parents distract the kids, sometimes just their own little centre of the world, but sometimes distracting whole groups of kids. Yes, I tell the parents to shut up and the kids to kindly concentrate on listening to the instructor, but there's still a lot of eye-contact-communication, using the eyes for example to help their little gold-nugget to get it right.

Another problem is that the sprogs often show off a lot more when the parents are there, trying to gain attention from the parents by acting out to a higher degree than when the parent isn't there.

And finally - my main irritation with parent's being there - a kid hurts himself a little and 2 seconds later he's fine and ready to carry on, BUT - if the parent is there he'll make a much larger scene, crying and howling like a pack of wolfes in order to get sympathy from the parent. The parent, of course, rushes onto the mat in order to fuss over the kid for 15 hours while the whole class gets involved in the darama.

Parents may be a good thing in general, but in the dojo - parents sometimes are the devil!!

All the best

Stefan Hultberg
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