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Russ Q
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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

Hey SCR,

Sounds like an intimidating guy for sure. BUT, you've chosen to be in the position of instructor - even if there is no dojo cho per se, you have to take the lead and deal with this student one way or another. Sounds like you are unsure about your abilities and lack experience. That's not an insult to you, it seems that's just the way it is. So, what to do? Maybe take this lesson and move on - train more - find a sensei whom you like and focus on your training so if/when this situation happens in the future you are better equipped to deal with it. The other students - if they are in charge, really, should've dealt with this already. If they're unwilling to deal with it and you are unable to deal with it, you have a very superficial situation even without the !#@t disturber.

If you have the ability to deal with him, then ask him up for uke. Be open to what he's doing and the energy he's giving. Don't worry about making mistakes if he changes the energy. Clearly point out his openings with strikes (not words). Do henka waza (change the technique) based on what he's giving you and explain to your students why we practise KATA and, when we do kata, we need honest energy from uke or you have to change the technique. Take what he gives you with an openess and have compassion for him. He's scared of something if he's treating you like his "prison bitch". Make sure your actions set a positive example for your students to follow.

Good luck,

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