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Re: Spirit and loyalty

He might have told me about Phatty Katz ... but not 100% sure .... did he ask her to hold him really good where she was sure he wouldn't move. Then he turned her around or something and kissed her cheek (something like that .. my memory is failing me right now).

As far as the rye goes ... haven't I bought you rye before??? Actually, I have even delivered it to your home after work .. I am a good friend

lol ... Pete is always waving his arms around and talking aikido when we go out for drinks ... it's hard to change the subject ... and when it is changed, you can imagine what the next topic is ... women So I usually start conversations about movies, weather, stupid things I did teaching that day ... how my students are so smart ....

I do like the small class though ... be nice if Bob showed up more often too ...
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