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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

"I have been asked to instruct at this dojo by its board of directors. Until the board finds a replacement, I am the chief instructor and will set the rules and tone for the dojo. As chief instructor, I find your conduct inappropriate for the tone I intend to have at this dojo and disrespectful to my position, the board of directors, and the entire dojo.

I am giving you options. 1. You can act appropriately, respecting the rules of the dojo and ALL the people that are a part of it, and remain a member 2. You can act inappropriately and lose your membership. One strike and you are out. Once removed, if you return, it is criminal trespassing and the authorities will be involved. 3. You can leave on your own accord and invite members to go with you. If people wish to follow you knowing your lack respect, they don't belong here anyway."

Say it to him in front of the entire membership. Lay the cards on the table. Give him options. It also gives the board the option to keep you or find a replacement. It also gives potential fools within the club the option to follow this hooligan.

I'm no expert, but I find when I give others choices, I normally end up in a better situation.

A crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety.
- Aesop
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