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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

I might not phrase it the same way...but Mr. S. has some very good points.

I think it may be *one* of the reasons a lot of organizations don't let someone out on their own until 3rd dan. From the post, I'm guessing shodan or even less. I can't see anyone 3rd dan even asking this question. Your dojo, your rules. If he doesn't want to stay, let him go. If he doesn't go peacefully, help him. If you can't, 911, let them help him.

And Mr. S is definately right when he says that it's not about Alpha male stuff. If some man breaks in your house and threatens violence, are you going to worry about Alpha male? You'll kick his butt if you can, call the cops if you can't, either way, you'll do what it takes to protect your family.

If you find this bozo's pressense in your dojo threatening...same same.
Ron (it's all about helping him, right? )

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