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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

Nick Pittson wrote: View Post
A dojo is not a democracy, that is correct. But if this dojo has chosen to run itself in this manner (and from the tone of the original post, it has) then who are you to say differently, and what makes you think your post in any way helps?
This topic is not about disruptive student - the topic's author has an issue with his own perception of an aikido instructor.
Anyone who teaches (not only aikido) knows that there are many different types of students, and it is a teacher job to deal with that. If he is not able to do that (i.e. use his authority) he should stop teaching. It is not for him. That is why I think my post will help him a lot. It may help him to (re)define himself - who is he.

And the set up of his dojo is completly sick. I bet it is in Californie.


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