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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

Booya, a real issue about the stuff men have to suffer.

This situation is the reverse of all those threads where a female is being harassed. In this thread now we have a male being harassed by another male. I think that is usually the case for us guys where we are pushed out by another guy. It is just as humiliating etc. as it is in all the posted situations for women being sexually or otherwise harassed in the dojo. For guys this is male on male sexual harassment is the same type stuff. A classic power struggle of the animal world. The pack (the dojo) wants a new alpha male. The challenger wants a new pack and will banish the old alpha male unto the wilderness. Yea, this stuff is all over the Animal channel, and in Aikido dojos.

My take is this, silence from the students means they don't want you, they don't have the thingys to tell you that. No one is going to be happy there as long as you stay. I say leave. You have no responsibility or obligation to anyone but yourself.

Notice the advice we give men vs. women. Where is the warm fuzzies for this poor dude. i.e. lacking warm fuzzies from certain women. I don't know if Marie Noelle Fequiere is male or female- I just go will all women then at this point.

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