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Re: Need Advice - Disruptive Student

I don't feel anyone not involved in the situation can determine whether someone is qualified to teach or not.

However, some bigger issues are emerging:
1. The person is disruptive and is not meshing well with the culture of the dojo.
2. The person appears to be challenging your authority. I don't know if he out ranks you or not; however, his behavior is not acceptable and he is disrespectful.
3. You appear to be tolerating this behavior.

It is clear you need to establish authority in the dojo. There can only be one sensei on the mat and unless the dojo somehow kicks you out you are the one to set the standards. No outside weapons without permission.

If it was me, I would attempt to find a way to pull him aside and let him know the standards of the dojo in no uncertain terms. I would give him a chance to correct his behavior and if not he's out. Period. No more discussion. I would let him know this in no uncertain terms. If your students are loyal this should not be an issue. He needs to understand that this is not acceptable behavior for any martial artist. If your students are not loyal, I feel sorry for them because this person is a bad influence.

If you are part of a larger organization, you might seek consult from someone more senior and perhaps bring them in to assess the situation.
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