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Bruce Baker
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Not qualifiying but observing

Yep. I am doing what any good scientist, or martail artist would do, observing.

Even though I have chosen to practice Aikido, even though I go to seminars in other arts, and even though I mainly use Aikido to initiate intervention, I am not above changing to something else more serious should the need arise.

O'Sensei did not have Aikido to learn when he was wandering about learning all the different arts of his native land that interested him, he had to pick and choose what worked best in applications, or what worked best for him.

It is terribly near sighted to absolutely quantify this or that as aikido, when it is the not devised from one single source but taken from a variety of practices then redesigned to be effective without injury?

Aikido's purpose, it's training method, and its possibility of polishing spirit with physical practice are not unique, but they are easily identifiable because of the proven effectiveness, and spiritual goals for its students to make themselves/society a better place.

Maybe, that is the main difference of learning more devastating techniques in Aikido, as it is our central core not to be the baddest fighter in all the land, but to make our lives and our society into a better place to live.

Many of the underlying principles of other martial arts espouse these things, but quickly break down into a dog eat dog environment when the training begins.

So, although I may wander into the other fields of study, they are coming into focus from similarity of technique, history of transmissions of technique, and variation of movements taken into practice as they are proven effective, the natural progression of most living fighting arts ... even Aikido.

With the complication of our modern society, maybe we are too caught up in the simplicity of another era to see that we must evolve, but evolve we will as the original students of O'Sensei pass on into heaven, and we must interpret from their students, or from books/videos what the hell they were trying to tell us.

No, I am not observing Aikido from other arts, but I am observing all arts from a both a personal learning perspective, and a scientific curiosty of connecting martial arts in a way that works for me.

Hopefully, many of you are not only finding more depth to you Aikido from observing other options to variations as you train, but how to bring about an understanding to all arts that would have people to cause you harm, while you smile as your Aikido brings you safety and harmony out of violence.

That's enough of that, my head is starting to hurt from all that thinking.

Maybe we should all think like we didn't have Aikido, and try to find something better, then it could only make Aikido better.
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