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Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Superman could totally beat up Batman. And Bruce Lee too.
Indeed (*sniffs*). You forgot about the Joker as well as Jigaro Kano and the Four Heavenly Lords of Kodokan Judo.

William Prusner wrote: View Post
well... i'm glad i wasn't the first or last person to necro this thread.
Meh (*waves hand dismissively*). This is only it's first resurrection. There is another thread on this forum....that which must not be has risen from it's slumber several times. I dare not speak its name aloud. Longtime members here know of it...but dare not utter its name, for the very utterance of it will call it forth from the distended bowels of the Aikiweb archives.

Seriously, though. As has been stated in this thread before, it is inevitable for martial arts to mythologize the founder of their system. And with each passing generation removed from the founder, the facts become embellished legends, and legends become myths. Some myths are fun...others lead to dillusional notions concerning what exactly "is" Aikido.
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