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Re: Did aikido ever fail you?

Hi and good morning !
Once I was attacked at my home,and this being
maybe with two years of training,I missed
the moment to do an ikkyo,so I had to improvise - which involved some hairpulling,
my luck the guy wasn't a skinhead !
I took him outside still keeping his head down,being outside I was free to run and move,
he made it look like he was going to pull a gun,and to my and his luck there was no gun.
I managed to cool him down and make him my friend and to this day we still are.
I've late found out he has a maniodepressive streak and was beat up by his likewise father a lot as a child,so when alcohol kicks in
he is not always a pleasure,he has a military background and a lot of streetfighting behind him,which I later found out.
But maybe technical side of it didn't resemble
dojo style the outcome was in my opinion very much aikido.
This incident happende because I had a visitor
who didn't lock the door which always is the case normally,he just sat and watched it all.
Life is strange huh ?
yours - Chr.B.
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