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Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
That's a fact! As my dear ol' pappy used to say, " life is often stranger than fiction."

I hear ya. I used to play a lot and whenever I was about to be overwhelmed I usually did something like that. One time I ran into a well-covered clearing about 10'x10' covered by about 7 or 8 people. They saw me and heard me coming a mile away (it must've been my "kiai" that unbalanced their aim ) but I ran right into their base, grabbed their flag and ran right back out. I almost stopped because i expected to get hit...the plan was pretty much to run in and get shot a know, "blaze of glory" style. Instead I went unscathed. Now, I didn't see any rays of light telling me where the shots were going so my situation was almost definately a cosmic mean, I totally atemi'd them with my mind!
...Sounds cooler that way.
I've seen rays, some of them golden

Two of my mates and I ghosted down the left flank into what's meant to be a village with a church. There's apparently one guy there, which is just too weird. So I (being the teams ghost) went on a recce.
All hell breaks loose, as in, there were many rays all flying around. So I rush back to the other pair and we peel all the way to the bushes.
The marshall then pulls out like five or six guys and there wasn't really much choice, we had to attack, so we went in, cleared the church and the grave yard, rays everywhere. Then we start taking fire from these huts, so we fight our way upto the door of the first hut, stack up and then everything gets mental.

My mate chucks a paint grenade in and we storm the place. They're shooting, we're shooting, marshall jumps in. They're all eliminated we're good, so we jump into the next hut, same thing, next hut same thing, all the way down the line of these huts.
All five huts nicely repainted in a delightful yellow.

So we've taken this village off the enemy, taking out somewhere around sixteen people, most of it at VERY close quarters without getting hit once. Clearly our ki deflects paintballs.
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