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Re: Ueshiba vs. Gun Squad

Alex Lawrence wrote: View Post
Sometimes stuff that shouldn't happen just does.
That's a fact! As my dear ol' pappy used to say, " life is often stranger than fiction."

I once saw a guy run the full length of a paintball field, through a rather intense firefight, capture the flag and run back without getting hit.
I hear ya. I used to play a lot and whenever I was about to be overwhelmed I usually did something like that. One time I ran into a well-covered clearing about 10'x10' covered by about 7 or 8 people. They saw me and heard me coming a mile away (it must've been my "kiai" that unbalanced their aim ) but I ran right into their base, grabbed their flag and ran right back out. I almost stopped because i expected to get hit...the plan was pretty much to run in and get shot a know, "blaze of glory" style. Instead I went unscathed. Now, I didn't see any rays of light telling me where the shots were going so my situation was almost definately a cosmic mean, I totally atemi'd them with my mind!
...Sounds cooler that way.

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