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Re: Teaching in the times of lawsuit.

I have been teaching children Aikido for over a decade now and "hands on" is my approach. Whether it is to guide a youngen in the proper way to step, fall, proper grip, and even a bop on the back of the head when they get out of line. I even teach yougens at a few local middle schools and while these older youngens don't much care for the discipline aspect of the training there are a surprising number that embrace it.

To all those parents. I have had parents come in and complete paperwork and just walk out leaving their child. How can a parent be that uninvolved in their child's life? It wasn't long that I told parents they are required to sit in on a class from time to time, and yes I do follow up on that. This way they understand how practice is run and they know why little johnny was bopped or why his wrist hurts etc. It also cuts down on the "daycare" issue mentioned previously.

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