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Re: Re: Aikido may look like dancing

Originally posted by PeterR
Larry - we really got to get togeather. When you going to make the trip?
Hi all,

Peter: Not sure when I'll be able to make a trip to Japan, may be in 2003. Hoping to visit the UK to train soon though. Until then, the net may be the best bet for hooking up.

Bruce: I may be extremely mistaken, but it appears to me that you are trying to qualify the martial effectiveness of Aikido thru the lens of other martial arts, as if some of the less popular elements of Aikido are actually part of these arts and not Aikido. I think anyone who plumbs the depths of Aikido will find that the principles or "pillars" that you call them actually extend into areas covered by a host of other MA.

I guess it depends on how you look at it. I often see karateka applying grappling techniques in their training and say "Hey that's Aikido", but I think from their eyes it would appear as a part of Karate, that being their point of view as Karateka.

As long as one decides to search into the deeper meaning of Aikido's principles I think they will inevitably see the similarities with many other MA, but they may also realise that these were elements of Aikido from the beginning. Because we can't see something doesn't say that it isn't there.

Are we really expanding the pillars of aikido by looking at similarities elsewhere, or are we rediscovering what was there all along?

Just my 2 cents. Still searching myself. Finding Aikido under every stone I turn


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