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Re: Using ki-skills for "aiki" in Daito-Ryu

Richard Haight wrote: View Post
<snip> The distance between uke and I was just too great (for my level) in regards to the jo. I would have to try this technique again (with breath limitation - ie specifically not breathing through the technique) in order to find out if breath had anything to do with it or not. Maybe I am naturally using my breath correctly when I successfully do this technique and thusly my few successes were due to having developed some breath skill or lucky breathing. I will play with over a period of time and see what comes of it.
Your breath theory reminds me of something I learned from Ushiro Sensei. It seems to me that he uses breath as a way to create even expansion in his body (like a sphere), which makes him very strong without the use of external muscular strength.
Hi Richard,

Appreciate the reply
Actually we don't really focus on the breathing where I train, but I know some elementary components of it, and it overlaps with my own training.

The expansion you mentioned Ushiro using is more what I was referring to. Inhaling can "close" the body, while exhaling can expand/opens "something" in the body.

I can do the test you mentioned as well, but I most definitely could probably not do it with the Jo, lol.

Using the breath "correctly" can only enhance the ability to do the test, and shouldn't prevent a person from completing it.
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